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The Walking Dead meme: [23/30] scenes

I’d be fine if you died.

TWD MEME: [1/20] characters "Beth Greene"
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Do you know the fact they’re dressing up like a Japanese traditional wedding


I can barely type…like seriously…oops, fainted again…


"Yesterday I was a puppy, today I will dog."

Jensen Ackles | Supernatural Retrospective Special [x]


A very accurate depiction of a cat owner.


I adore Jared and Genevieve. As fans, we get to share in their lives.  We’ve seen their boys come along and now we’re watching them grow.

I read this article from Jared’s quotes and was inspired to put this together.

They are a lovely family. It amazes me the way Jared looks at Gen. And it’s obvious they’re wonderful parents, too.

Sources: @realgpad, @jarpad, fanpop, people.com

what’s the vibe of season five? (x)